Innovative Urology

A Feast of Medicine and Science

Presented by University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Urology

September 5-7, 2017

Silverado Resort & Spa, Napa California

We invite you to join us for an outstanding roster of University of Illinois and national urologists, scientists, designers, and engineers participating in a comprehensive program that encompasses scientific, clinical and product innovation in urology. For 2 days you’ll delve into the advancement and potential of multiple urologic subspecialties, including oncology, reconstruction, fertility and health care delivery. The afternoon and evening will allow time for organized cooking and wine classes, family, golf, exploring on your own, and engaging the unique nature of Napa Valley

Our program is designed to introduce urologists and other health care professionals to the advancement of our field and stimulate their own innovative potential. UIC Urology prides itself on creative collaboration between medicine, design, engineering and business. We have carefully selected renowned faculty that share our passion for innovation in hopes of bettering our field and the care of patients.