Innovative Urology 2018

MEDI: Medicine, Engineering, and Design = Innovation

Presented by University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Urology

September 22, 2018

University of Illinois Chicago Innovation Center

Innovation exists at the intersection of multidisciplinary collaboration. The 2018 MEDI Conference is a Urology-focused gathering of clinicians, designers, engineers and scientists intended to inspire and foster innovation through collaboration.

The development of medical devices is challenging, not only in surmounting the necessary barriers mandated by regulatory groups, but in the research and design process as well. Access to the users and environments in which problems exist can be a major hurdle for designers and engineers. Comprehensive analysis and synthesis of unmet user needs discovered on the job for clinicians can also be problematic. But, in spite of these obstacles, cohorts consisting of multiple disciplines – e.g. medicine, engineering, design, and business – benefit from coming together for the sake of examining the impact multidisciplinary work has on the development of innovative medical devices and healthcare delivery.

Join us for an exciting and stimulating program with events including a rapid protoype demonstration and speakers from various fields (urology, engineering, and design), The conference is being held at the UIC Innovation Center - a renowned development and incubation center embedded within the University of Illinois at Chicago - and presented by the UIC Urology Department.